California Community Reinvestment Grant

On September 25, 2019 the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development announced the inaugural grant recipients for the California Community Reinvestment Grants(CalCRG)program. The mission of the CalCRG program is to advance health, wellness, and economic justice for populations and communities harmed by the War on Drugs (WoD). We have a moral responsibility to address the War on Drugs multi-generational impacts that have marginalized communities throughout our state, said Governor Gavin Newsom. Programs like CalCRG exemplify Californians commitment to this responsibility, and it ensures our cannabis marketplace remains rooted in social justice.

We are pleased to announce that Six YFC organizations that came together to submit a proposal to support the South Oak Park/Fruit Ridge Neighborhood have been awarded funding to address inequity by

1) reducing recidivism; 2) increasing employment; and 3) increasing economic security through a workforce navigation program. This program is designed to seamlessly provide support to community members, especially those involved with the criminal justice system, to connect with needed services, engage in skill development both social-emotional and job skills, and place participants in jobs. We want to congratulate the collaborating organizations for this proposal which include: 1) Pivot Sacramento; 2) Outside the Walls; 3) Self-Awareness and Recovery; 4) Neighborhood Innovation Project; 5) Green Technical Education and Employment; and 6) PRO Youth & Families.

All six organizations are tenants at the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative (FRCC) located in the Oak Park neighborhood. There are currently 23 nonprofit organizations at FRCC serving diverse populations and offering a wide-range of critical support programs that address health and economic disparities.

"The war on drugs has waged devastation on communities that will last for generations. The CalCRG grant is one of the first intentional efforts to rebuild our families and create a chance for true equity, advancement and hope. NIP is excited to be part of a strategy for change, backed by real resources catered to the people most affected." ~ Michael Blair -The Neighborhood Innovation Project