Open Dialogue Regarding Drugs and Alcohol Helps put our Youth’s #FutureForward

We hear it all the time, parents think that’s it’s inevitable that their kids will drink alcohol or smoke marijuana.  But through a variety of research we find that not only is this not true but that’s students want their parents to have these serious discussions with them.

Be sure to talk them about their future goals. Studies have shown that parents have the strongest influence on their teen’s decision to consume marijuana and alcohol.

Focus the conversation around how marijuana and alcohol effects their future.  How will consuming marijuana or alcohol get in the way of them achieving their goals like going to college or buying a car?

Listen.  Talk often and listen to questions or concerns that your child may have when it comes to alcohol or marijuana.

Marijuana and alcohol effects teens in a variety of ways including brain development, memory and impulse control. 


In addition, teens who drink or smoke before the age of 15 drastically increase their chances of addiction later in life.

Set your teen up for success and have conversations early and often.  Doing so will allow your youth to put their #FutureForward allowing them to have a healthy and prosperous future.

If you would like help having these conversations, join us and the Sacramento County Coalition for Youth (SCCY) for a Call to Action: Marijuana Town Hall.  We will have free dinner, raffle prizes, expert panelists and open and honest discussions regarding marijuana and its effect on our youth’s future.

Thursday, May 24th
Highlands High School
5:00 pm-7:00 pm

Monday, June 11th 
Swanston Community Center5:00 pm-7:00 pm.