Meet Alina Ragudo: Summer @ City Hall Alumni and Rancho Cordova City Hall Intern

Alina says that one of the biggest obstacles that students face is not having a voice in their community.

Some of the biggest obstacles that youth may be facing today are things such as not being taken seriously, not given enough opportunity and a lack of resources.

Through Summer @ City Hall Alina was able to connect with city leaders and learn how to make a difference in her community.

“I think that youth voice can help make our community better by volunteering out in the community.  We need to make an impact if we want to be heard.  We need to be activists and stand up for what we believe in”.

During Summer @ City Hall Alina was able to gain hands on work experience as an intern in the Public Works


department.  She also participated in the Summer @ City Hall’s Summer Seminar where she learned more about civic engagement and the importance of political participation.

“Civic engagement is so important for many reasons.  It can transform the community.  With participation from community members we can work together to make an impact for the better.”

More than learning how to give back, Alina was able to face personal obstacles like confidence.

“I struggle with being confident with myself.  Doing this program has showed me that I should try more things that seem a little scary.  I feel like I have more confidence and learned a lot about myself.”